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The Life School MasterClass SHOW with Elona Lopari Blog

Friday, December 1, 2023 Why is impact and sustainability important?

Impact and sustainability are crucial considerations for leadership, especially in today's world where organizations are expected to contribute positively to society and the environment. Effective lea...

Friday, November 24, 2023 The Corporate Evolution: Why Growing Companies Tend to Become More Conservative

In the dynamic landscape of business, the evolution of a company is a fascinating journey marked by growth, challenges, and transformation. One notable trend that often accompanies this journey is the...

Friday, November 17, 2023 Are Your Employees Revenue-Critical? Unveiling the Key to Sustainable Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, understanding the true impact of your employees on revenue is a critical aspect of strategic decision-making. Are your employees revenue-critical? The answe...

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About The Show

The Life School MasterClass SHOW is the place where business leaders grow legacy purpose driven legacy life and companies.

Elona Lopari is known as the BUSINESS CATALYST, helping elite business owners become game changers in their field and achieve million dollar + breakthroughs in their business. As a former Fortune 500 Executive who built and led record-breaking teams in over 20 locations around the US, 

Elona's programs and consulting encompass billion dollar corporate strategies combined with the speed and agility of the most powerful online strategies of today. She helps purpose driven entrepreneurs and corporations with their branding, marketing, sales, systems and teams so that they can build a legacy life and business on purpose while making a great income and impact. 

She is the founder of The Life School where people align their inner purposeful success personally & professionally and a bestselling author of numerous books. 

Elona also speaks in global stages where she passionately shares her message with the masses. She is also a servient community leader and has built several impact driven communities in her business. 

You can also check out her other books “Connecting the Dots Backwards”, “Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship” and Journal “Connecting the Vision Backwards” available on Amazon. Elona can be reached by email at or through social media, Elona Lopari. 

Her website is


on 5/15/2023

This is a kickass Podcast. Must Listen

on 4/30/2023

Such a great podcast. I find Elona’s episodes interesting and super useful. Definitely a must-listen ✨

view on Apple Podcasts
on 4/27/2023

It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Elona . It was a great opportunity for me to help raise awareness of the importance of Divorce Coaching. I appreciated all Elona’s question’s and insights to...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 4/27/2023

Elona is an inspiring entrepreneur who is committed to the personal growth of her listeners.

view on Apple Podcasts
on 4/27/2023

Elona is a wonderful host and she cares about those she has on the show and those that are listening. I found that she is very passionate about supporting others to live their best life. She is very s...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 3/23/2023

I really enjoyed being a guest on Elona’s show. Her wealth of information spurred an inspiring conversation to help her audience and anyone who listens to it. Highly recommend her podcast to those ...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 3/3/2023

I was honored to be a guest in Elona’s awesome podcast. She is a great host and truly cares about serving her audience. This comes through in her podcasting. Check out Episode 188 Harry Spaight Sell...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 12/23/2022

I love how passionate Elona is about connecting other entrepreneurs and leveraging all of skills to learn and grow together. Thanks for haven’t me as a guest!

view on Apple Podcasts
on 12/1/2022

was to be interviewed by this special Entrepreneur! She is such a servant from heart! Smart and creative. All together brings a lot of value to our buisnesses. Her podcast is also full of value and ex...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 11/30/2022

I worked with Elona for the last year or so. I took her course to help me grow personally and in my business. I have shifted into a better direction and am further creating my life on purpose as a coa...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 11/29/2022

Elona is such a gracious host! Her podcast is empowering and uplifting for all female entrepreneurs. She’s created a community of support for women everywhere to remind us we aren’t in the school of l...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 11/1/2022

Elona love the guests you bring every week to help us open up our awareness and tap into our blindspots. Each week I get a breakthrough from listening to your show. Thank you for doing what you do. Lo...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 7/14/2022

I am so lucky to have known Elona and love her educational podcast.

view on Apple Podcasts
on 6/30/2022

I enjoy being on your podcast Elona … Being able to dig deep on such deep topics involving alternative wellness and other topics is more than a wonderful opportunity…I look forward to speak with you...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 6/12/2022

I love Elona, she is a great leader and she is there for you anytime you ask for her

view on Apple Podcasts
on 8/25/2020

Listen to it everyday to and from work. Thank you Elona!

view on Apple Podcasts
on 7/12/2020

Loving loving LOVING this podcast!!! It’s the perfect length(s)!!!! And full of so much helpful tips, tidbits, and convos!!!

view on Apple Podcasts
on 6/29/2020

This is a great resource for women with plenty of tips and strategies that are useful for building a business. Thank you! 🙌

view on Apple Podcasts
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